Gift your Christmas

Christmas will be different this year. Make it extra-special.

Ask your loved ones to swap your gifts for donations to Operation Smile and help children born with cleft conditions.

Raise money to ensure a child can smile this Christmas

3 simple steps to get started


1. Register today

2. Set up your fundraising page

3. Tell everyone you are gifting your Christmas this year and ask them to donate!

3 steps
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Why gift your Christmas?


Children born with cleft conditions have difficulties breathing, eating and speaking.

In the countries where we work, they have no access to treatment and are often malnourished, bullied and isolated – by gifting your Christmas, you can change this.

Your fundraising will change their lives forever.

Our gifts to you!


You might be giving up your ordinary presents this year, but we still have presents for you!

You will receive a free t-shirt as soon as you start your fundraising journey, and a surprise Christmas gift when you raise £150!

our gifts to you

We believe every child born with a cleft condition deserves the very best care, and your help will ensure we can continue to provide care for children currently waiting for the treatment they so desperately need.

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